He said, ‘I’m okay, sir. Thanks for asking”…

I cursed the factThis time of year giving and unselfish acts increase because that is the nature of the season (or should be).That’s good. I say that this is the “nature” we should have ALL year-long though. And, it is all too true that this time of year makes people crazy, angry and stressed out and, even uncaring. Wrapped up in the rush and “busyness” of the holidays. That is not good. But it happens.

For instance…

I saw a man yesterday, sitting on a bench, in the rain/sleet/snow/wind, with an old, army style jacket over his head. I could not see his face. He was obviously homeless and in despair. No one would sit there, in that cold, dismal weather, if they had a warm place to go to.

He was not begging. He was not even awake, from what I could see. Yet, he was there and people, this was at lunch time in downtown Colorado Springs, passed him seemingly oblivious to this human being. As if he did not exist. Hoping perhaps that “someone” would come along and “help” this “poor man”. But, apparently that “someone” was not them.

I was deeply moved by this scene…

I had to be at a business lunch meeting and it was right across the street from where he was. I stopped and sat down next to him. He did not move. I wondered if he was okay…lots of thoughts going through my head. Would he be angry if I woke him up? What if he was dead? What if he became violent? So, I did what was right. What I HAD to do. I spoke to him. Nothing. I talked a bit louder. Nothing. So I nudged him. The mass that was him, all huddled up, cold and not wanting to look out from underneath his hiding place moved. He slowly took the jacket down. He looked at me, I looked into eyes that held so much. The eyes do that. They hold the truth of the soul.

He did not say anything so I asked him if we was okay. He looked at me. I am in my Hermes wool and leather overcoat and an Ermenegildo Zegna wool-and-cashmere suit. He is in jeans and a sweatshirt, his jacket is around his head. I could tell he was not sure what I was about. Maybe thinking “What the hell was this guy doing stopping here in the cold when no one else was?” But I HAD to stop. I know “someone” in my past that had “stopped” for me once. It made all the difference in the world to me. I would not be here today if that had not happened….

He said, “I’m okay, sir, thanks for asking”.
“Thanks for asking”, he said!

Wow! I am tearing up just thinking about again…

At the time I just choked up. Not really sure what to say to that. He had a thick beard and there were obvious issues with his teeth. He was disheveled and dirty. To be honest he smelled. Bad. Yet, all the Love that was inside of me just poured out. I remembered my own personal story. That makes it easy to love and care about someone in this state.

I loved this man at that moment with all that my heart had to offer. It did not matter why he was there or what his story was. He was a man, a human being, just like me. Yes, just like me. I won’t tell you what I did for him because this is not about me. But, I did as much as I possibly could for him, grateful that I could help.

I hope that the most important thing I gave to him was love and a bit of encouragement to push past this, to find his heart again. I like to think so but that part is not up to me. I know that I gained from this encounter and from the hundreds of others I have had in my life-like this. I hope he did too.

I am always giving to others. Not for my ego or for compliments. It is just my nature. I believe it is everyone’s true nature. We are at our best when we are giving, or loving. And, after all, isn’t that what “Love” really is? Giving of “self” to others? Giving love to others without conditions is, I believe, our highest calling. It brings into the world a power so great that anything is possible. I believe that. 1000%…

Much Love to All,


Don’t sink your own ship!!

Sea of water

There is so much in the world that can pull us down these days for sure. No way to get around that. It exists. Yet, if you “allow” that negativity to “sink” your attitude and bring you down you negate the good that you can bring into your space in this world.

I am not saying that you walk around with your head in the clouds. In fact, true compassion actually brings you more in touch with the sadness, pain, etc. that is there. But, when you choose to not attach to that sadness you are bringing light into that darkness. You can be that positive force for good in that way. Why not be that? Why not allow yourself to feel that pain but NOT let it become who you are? That is a very powerful thing indeed. It is Love. It is Divine….

The Tide Always Comes Back…(The Law of Rhythm)

My Love is an Ocean

I titled this post “The Tide Always Comes Back” after a quote from a book written by Joel Osteen. While I am not and will never be a “Corporate Christian” again (my term for attending a structured religious experience) I have great faith in God..a Higher Power..The Universe. I spent quite a few years being a “religious” person. During that time I became disillusioned with the “structure” and yet my “faith” grew even stronger. I attended a United Pentecostal church for a few years…grew up as a Catholic….attended a LARGE evangelical charismatic church that had an average Sunday attendance of well over 15,000 people AND I have studied Eastern Philosophies, Personal Development, New Age Thought, Martial Arts, Success Principals, etc. for a number of years.

So to say that I have a well-rounded background in religion and spiritual ideas would be an understatement. In this book, “It’s Your Time”, I found a profound connection with the author (Mr. Osteen) and his words. It was as if I had written this book myself…his ideas and viewpoints so matched mine that I was amazed. I was encouraged even more by a passage in the book that tells of a corporate executive who had a painting in his office of an ordinary rowboat. The boat was resting on a sandy embankment during a period of low tide. A rather ordinary painting in and of itself. It was the words written beneath the boat, a heading of sorts, that changed the painting into an extraordinary vision. The words are “The Tide Always Comes Back…”

Wow! How profound and so simple yet so TRUE! Many times I have seen this happen in my life! Over and over again… during dark times..times of great loss..times of sadness and even sometimes setbacks…. The “tide” always comes back! No matter how tough it is..believe in this and have faith that the God you believe in and have faith in, this Universe we share and are connected in, ALWAYS has good for you!! Expect it! Believe it! Envision it! Never let this die in you! Fight for this in your heart and you will see great things happen like never before!

This is also a “Law of the Universe” that is sometimes referred to as “The Law of Rhythm”. Simply stated day follows night…good times follow bad times…bad economy follows good economy. Or, if you like the idea of life as “seasons of nature” than this would refer to the changing seasons of your life. Within those seasons there are ways to realize the full potential of that season and to be better prepared for the next. No matter if it is Summer or Winter the next season always comes! Prepare for it and be ready to realize the full blessing from it.

In my life the many ups and downs I have experienced have only served to strengthen me and to allow me to create myself over and over. Always getting closer to that true nature or essence that we are all made of and capable of finding and drawing closer to. I am on this journey just like you are. It is not a journey that I believe is meant to be lived in despair or worry or heartache yet those things do happen. When they do, as they have in my life, believing that “The Tide Always Comes Back” becomes a real and life changing experience that, if you allow it, will give you the strength, faith and power to overcome and find peace and joy again.

There is ALWAYS something within every moment of time that is good. ALWAYS. Let this sink in. Let it become your automatic “reaction” to every situation, challenge, condition, season, etc. instead of the opposite of living in worry, doubt and fear!

Today’s world conditions may reflect negative conditions and times in many ways. People are suffering and in trouble financially. Violence, wars, terror are all out there. Sickness, disease and poverty. Yet an even deeper “problem” has existed in our Universe for many years. The condition of the human spirit has become ill… doubt and troubled times exist all around us…grave news and events all across the globe have “sickened” us.

However, even within this framework we can find the “good”. That “good” is there for all of us if we develop the habit of seeing it. These “bad” times only signal that a change is coming our way. The Tide is Coming Back! The Winter is about to make way for Spring and then Summer…

Are you prepared for this?

Have you worked to find the blessings and good that surround you right now?

Have you found that “new” opportunity that was created from all the “financial craziness” out there?

Have you realized that you may be just “three feet from gold”?

Tomorrows “great” men and women of fortune and good for this world will surely rise from these “times”. Just look at history and you will find that to be true. So much of our own countries “greatness” came about AFTER the tough times we as a nation have faced. And, if you ask, perhaps, how I can speak so easily of this myself?I am in the middle of change and trying times yet I press on and believe more than ever that good is all around me and that I AM on the right track!

I am determined to not let this beat me and that I will be part of the “new wave” of thinking… of higher consciousness in this world that believes in peace and joy for all. Collectively, we do have the ability and capability to solve our world issues be they war, crime, hunger, disease, etc. We are, as a species, on the threshold of greatness and new paradigms now! The Law of Polarity and Rhythm are in full effect in a great way and are shaping the future for us…..

So don’t spend your time in despair..get out and change things! Make a difference and create an awareness in your life of good rather than bad. Find a way! It can be done and is being done all around you ….. but it starts with you. With the choices you make right now, today, and every day. Learn to see this where you are at right now and eventually you will see it in everything. It is not easy. I know this. But the alternative is despair and negativity. Not solutions. Draw that “line in the sand” and determine it to be so..”Will” it into being and find the kind of life you envision AND deserve.

It is your right!

It is your destiny!